Love Bite

As a parent myself, I can testify that this story illustrates that sometimes it’s better for parents to be wrong rather than right.

Love Bite

We were in the cinema when it happened.

Susan called it a love bite; a sign of her lust. It was a sign all right; a sign of her lust for blood -my blood.

I cursed myself for dismissing the clues; Susan’s pale skin, her preference for the midnight movie over the matinee, and her insistence on migrating to the darkest recesses of the cinema.

Then there was the biggest give-away: the dark red liquid she carried around in a plastic drinking bottle. Yuck!

Absorbed by her beauty, I, like most love-sick teenagers, had neglected these clues.

Until now.

I shrugged Susan off. ‘I gotta go,’ I said, fleeing the cinema.

On the bus I was subdued by dizziness, barely managing to alight and stagger to my front door. As I fumbled for the keys, ominous footsteps gathered momentum from behind.

‘I can track your scent from a mile away,’ Susan boasted as she drew nearer.

I turned the key, flung myself forward…and crashed into an invisible force field. Unbelievable! I had to be invited into my own house!

‘Mum!’ I screamed, as Susan closed in.

Mum appeared at the door. ‘Son I told you to quit drinking. It’ll be the death of you. And who is this?’

‘I’m Susan. Seth’s girlfriend,’ said a voice behind my shoulder.

Mum didn’t like Susan, said there was something not right about her. But mum was polite as anything.

‘You both look very pale. Perhaps you should watch what you drink. Well don’t just stand there come in – you too Susan. You could probably do with a bite to eat.’ She was totally oblivious to the disturbing accuracy of her words.

‘I’d love a bite to eat,’ I replied, admiring the slender arc and delicate skin on my mother’s neck.



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