Rough Justice

Criminals beware! If you’re lucky, getting caught might leave you at the mercy of the criminal justice system! Others could be facing much more malevolent forces.

Rough Justice
On the first day of his interrogation, Melvin Samuels was strapped naked to a chair in a basement. A blow struck him between the legs. He let out a ferocious scream.

Don Teoni patted Melvin’s hair and stroked the prisoner’s sweaty brow.

‘Your screams are like Mozart,’ he said. ‘For my part, I could continue this show until hell freezes over.’ He indicated an ominous row of scowling men and women standing behind him. Each one brandished a weapon. ‘But these guys aren’t so patient.’

‘Please! Let me go!’ Melvin gasped. ‘I’m innocent!’

Don Teoni nodded. Technically speaking he was right. Melvin Samuels had been found not guilty on all counts of child sexual abuse, abduction and murder. And all because of the defendant’s best friend: a technicality. This mattered little to Don Teoni. What mattered was that the child killer had the misfortune to count Leo Teoni, his only son, as one of his victims.

‘The ironic thing,’ said Don Teoni, ?Is that when you started celebrating your acquittal so did I. You see I have friends all over the police force.’

Teoni took some satisfaction in telling Melvin that no matter what happened at court he was doomed. He wouldn’t have been safe in prison. Even in solitary confinement. The guards were on the mafia boss’ payroll too. The only upside to the release of Melvin Samuels was that now he was free to be tortured until he revealed the locations of all his victims’ bodies – something he might not have done in prison.

This was small consolation for Don Teoni and for his impatient crew-the parents of Samuels’  other ‘alleged’ victims. But it would do.

‘He’s all yours.’ Don Teoni said.

The group of twelve got to work. All in the name of justice of course.


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