Synopsis of ‘The Buried Truth Season One

It starts with the discovery of an otherworldly object in the Scottish Highlands, the ripples of which reach all the way to London.

Blair Cox – the jaded owner of Truth Serum, a Soho magazine dedicated to UFOs and extra-terrestrials – loves his routine of cocaine and cheap sex, washed down with alcohol du jour. It’s all funded by his obsession with selling dubious conspiracy theory articles and alien abduction stories to an insatiable (and gullible) public, for large amounts of cash.

He is in for a rude awakening.

Chloe Jacobs – rampant feminist and enthusiastic new recruit with Truth Serum who has a disconcerting thirst for hard work – gets a phone call she cannot ignore. It thrusts the duo into a treacherous journey in a world dominated by a nefarious cast of characters who repeatedly thwart their attempts at the truth.

Dragged along by Jacobs’ exasperating enthusiasm, they strive to find out the mysterious origins of the object found in the Highlands, as well as uncover why the brothers who found it disappeared soon afterwards. Cox, forced to confront his lifestyle choices and his own buried past, continues to self-destruct. The question is will it be the drink, drugs or the bad guys get that get to him first?

This eight-part novella series confronts the dangers of technology and the irresistible charge towards a neutered modern society.

The first novella in the series The Buried Truth: Silent Screams is entitled The Kids, and will be released in July 2017.  This will be FREE on Kindle, Issu, Smashwords and all other good electronic book sellers.

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